Curtains have become an important items in our lives and it also plays a very important role. It can not only change the style of interior decoration for us, but also to adjust the tone at home. Now you can either directly buy ready made curtains, or custom curtains. But you need to customize a suitable curtains to play beautify the indoor environment, and then to create a comfortable and private environment. But custom curtains need to master the cautions.

First, select your favorite fabrics
In the selection of fabric, you not only have to choose the color and pattern, but pay more attention to the quality of the fabric. If you want to choose the good fabric to do the curtains, so the price would surely be generally more expensive then other fabrics, but the final effects have many differences.

Beautiful Botanical Printed Eco-friendly Ivory Curtains

Second, measure the size before custom curtains
Before custom curtains, size is very important, otherwise the store will not request you to buy more fabrics, but the store will be the production process, withholding some fabrics. When you need custom made curtains, be sure to pay attention to this point.

custom curtains

Third, buy good quality slide
Custom drapes are well done, of course, immediately to hang up, so that you can see the effect. Now many accessories are sliding, to buy excellent quality slide, otherwise it will affect the future use, or even be a problem.

Again to remind you, custom made curtains or buy the read made curtains, you should pay attention whether the accessories are full. Curtain accessories if less, it can not be completed.

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