Maintenance, is the beauty, of course, home needs too. Good maintenance can make your bathroom hardware having longer service life.

Four elements of bathroom faucets and maintenance:

To ask experienced and qualified professionals for the construction and installation. When installed, the faucet should try not to bump with a hard object, do not cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss coating. Note that after clearing the debris inside the pipe fitted with taps.
Water taps do not overexert, gently turn to homeopathy. Even the traditional-style taps, nor do they need a lot of effort to twist the dead. In particular not to handle or use as a handrail for support.

Bathtub faucet shower metal hose should be kept natural stretch state, do not be coiled when not on the faucet. Also, when you use or not, pay attention to the body's joints do not form a hose and dead, in order to avoid breaking or damage hose.

Bathtub faucet

In the case of pressure is not lower than 0.02mpaz in use for some time, if found to reduce the amount of water, even the water heater will have flame out phenomenon, you can be in the leading outlet gently unscrew the screen cover, remove impurities then the faucet will be generally able to recover ever.

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