A splendid way to decorate your bathroom, while you give a nice message about your class and choice to your guests is through the use of the soap dishes. Now just any soap dish will not do the job. You need nice model and design for that. There are a wide range and variety of collections available, which you may use, one in front of your hand wash basin, another in front of your bathroom faucet for your regular bathing soap, and then one near your bathtub. Even the kitchen sink also deserves one beside it.

soap dish

The designs available

There are a variety of designs and materials for your choice in soap dish. There are plastic soap dishes, ceramic dishes, metal ones, and, in the metal designs there are multiple choices. You will get metal wired soap dishes, and then ones with the opaque body and drainage channels. The clam shell design, square ones, oval and round designs, and even totally flat ones are all available. Only you will have to fix your mind and choose.

soap dish

How to make your choice

Before you choose you will have to see your budget and the bathroom interior theme. Based on this, you will have to decide. The retro look or modern look is the first thing. Then you may choose from a number of polishes, colors, sizes, and varieties in both types of looks. As per the material the durability will depend. This is one such piece of material, which will always be in the contact of moisture. Thus rusting will be guaranteed with time if you choose the inexpensive metal designs without proper protective coating. With plastics, the rusting is no more a problem, but they are not as hard as metal. Hence, you should consider these factors and choose the soap dish which suits your bathroom and style.

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