Bathtubs demand a faucet depending on their design and placement in the bathroom. That makes you speculate and choose a faucet type, which will be good, durable, and won't demand a change even if you change the whole bathtub. For such installations where you install once, and forget later works on it, the wall mount tub faucet is a good choice.

The best part of installing a wall mount faucet for tub

The advantage with wall mount faucets is that they can be fitted on to any style bathtub, provided the holes drilled in a bathtub for deck mount faucets are blocked before the installation so that no water leaks out of the tub. Any type of bathtub can be filled with a wall mount faucet, and no requirement of deck of floor mount faucet will be required. But for that the tub must be placed close to the wall. If the tub is placed centrally in the bathroom, then a wall mount tub faucet is of no good use in your bathroom. There must be an adjoining wall beside the tub head to install the faucet. Later if you change the tub in future you won't have to change the faucet with the tub.

Wall mount tub faucet

Options in tub wall mount faucets

Wall mount tub faucet can come in many designs and polishes. You will decide that as per your bathroom style and tub style. But you can always plan a temperature sensor or LED indicator faucet for temperature indication. This will help you getting protection against temperature shocks. If you are planning something durable, then go for brass. Brass is the hardest metal and will stay as long as you want it there. The only problem with brass is that it loses its polish with time but then again the oil rubbed brass faucets are an excellent option for that. Again brass will go with your bathroom or not will be your speculation, and after considering these facts plan your tub wall mount faucet. (Blue Wall Mount Bathtub Faucets)

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